Learn About Sullivan County

From a personal point of view, Sullivan County just has… IT! An easy 2 hours from New York City, yet light years away. There’s a certain point during your drive up that you start to relax, the trees are lush, the mountain laurel dense, the fields more pastoral, elevation rises, views appear.

Personally I’m a “tucked in the woods down a dirt road” kind of person, but I absolutely love the diversity I have been able to share with buyers — the farm fields, the lakes, the gorgeous views, the trout streams — Sullivan County absolutely surprises and delights. And when you decide to leave your country home and venture out into the county, there is lots to do.  See Catskill Castles favorites >

The people are so nice. People laughed at me in the beginning, when I would strap my pocketbook across my chest New York City style, and lock my car all the time. That ended soon enough! I knew I’d arrived "home" the day I went to the drive up window at the local bank with my dog Brownie, and when my receipt came back to me it was accompanied by a dog biscuit! It’s user friendly as well as beautiful here. You’ll see!