I’m Nancy Fredericks. Welcome to my new Life Chapter.

I live in Barryville, tucked happily in the woods with my husband Chuck and my dog Woody. I found Chuck sitting on a stoop in Manhattan on August 12, 1981. Universe at work for sure. Love at first sight. Bought our country home here in Sullivan County in 1984, and five years later we made the move up full time. LOVE it here.

I’ve retired from Real Estate! Hello to all my awesome past clients. Check out my Catskill Closings, find yourself there! Making your Real Estate Dreams Come True these past 30 years has been my honor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Retirement, a significant and miraculous process! Not working 24/7 has brought me the astounding gift of TIME: time to think, to listen, to tune into my inner voice. Time to nest build, be with my husband, wander in nature. It's been remarkable really, and when people ask "What do you do now that you're retired?" I can't give an ABC answer. I want to share all the moments and feelings that now overflow my wonderfully full "now that I'm retired" days. I want to share this newfound energy and lighthearted spirit, my delight in everyday Life.

My email closing for years has been “Spread Joy.” Originally comes from a letter my mom Patricia Brett left for my brother Mark and me when she passed from lung cancer twenty years ago. The last line was “Continue to spread joy. So many have so little.”

Fast forward to today. Spreading Joy does feel just right. Not sure exactly how this will evolve but I’m all in.

Have had a long social media hiatus but will give posting another go here in Joy Tidings and on FB and Instagram.

Stir up those good feelings about yourself and Life. There's always something turning up to challenge us, let's help each other to keep going forward, to not get waylaid. Let's share our crazy true experiences and help one another in our journeys.

Getting older is exciting. Wisdom of age is cool.

Time for mind expanding metamorphosis!

Let’s be inspired together. XO

Joy Tidings

Nancy shares magical moments, practical happenings, life wisdom, and journey to joyousness.

My Two Boys

Came into living room and found these two bonding…Chuck and Woody 💟